I got an Instant Pot! | #WeeklyMenu Week #237

Holly cow! It snowed. Its February and it snowed. That is unheard of here in the Portland area. We were driving home from my in-laws last night when the worst of it hit. It was white out conditions. We could only go about 20 miles per hour, and the snow was so heavy that we had white out conditions. We lost the road, it was white. The only thing keeping us in a straight line was the groves in the middle of the lane telling you that you were crossing over the middle line. It was terrifying. I'm so glad we made it home safe.

In other news, I got an Instant Pot. Its a pressure cooker. I can't wait to try it out tonight. I'm supposed to be able to cook an entire dinner in about 12 minutes... We shall see... 

Well, enjoy this weeks menu!





- Frozen Pizza



Leftovers Night

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