Pesto Alfredo Tortellini | #WeeklyMenu Week #231

Oh Monday, how I've missed you... Not! At least the boys are back at school and I can get back to my regular schedule of grocery shopping in the morning with only one little terror following me around the story instead of three and a grown man child. Its been a rough few weeks. 

I've started a new book this week. Its called Flower is misunderstood. Its about the last year of my life and some of the crap I've gone through. an't say I will ever finish it, but its been one messed up year. 

On another note, I've joined the cutthroat book club in one of my reading groups on Goodreads. Its brutal, but I love it. We are doing great so far. Next week I think is when all the fun starts and other teams can bid on sabotages. It will be interesting to see what they turn out to be. 

Have fun with this weeks menu. I worked really hard on it... Not! Enjoy!




- Sloppy Joe's




Tuna Sandwiches

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