GIFs vs Memes | There is a Difference

I think I started something at work.... In my emails, it is common for me to put a meme in the body of the email... Just because what email isn't better conveyed with the emotions of a well placed meme.

Now, if you are not familiar with a meme, I will show you what I am talking about....

This is a meme. A funny picture with a phrase attached to it. There are so many kinds of memes for so many different situations, how can you not find one for what you are about to say. Sometimes, all I do is respond in a meme. It conveys the most pure form of what I wan't to say.

Now, at work, some of my coworkers were are giggling because they were memeing each other all morning. What! They were memeing without me? When I was shown the meme chain, the only thing I saw were GIFs. People, there is a difference!

GIF Example...

GIF: A soundless short video, sometimes with words on it, sometimes not. If I could use GIFs in my emails at work I would, but unfortunately, they don't uploaded to the body of the email like a good old meme does.

So, there you have it, peeps. Memes and GIFs. There is a difference. Don't tell me that you are having a meme war when you are having a GIF war, and certainly don't leave me out of the fun!

Mischief managed... 

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