Cajun is the Bomb | #WeeklyMenu Week #232

Monday, Monday. Its that day again. The day where I spend all day taking care of my house and kids. Yes, that day. Its been a long week leading up to this day. The cutthroat book club is intense. I've read over 20 books in the last two weeks. Four of them were yesterday. Had to finish strong!

My writing started off rocky when I wrote nearly 750 words on my manuscript and then didn't save it. Lost all of the work I had done that day. I was so upset, I didn't write Thursday, but Friday I crushed it with over 1100 words. That's how you come back with a vengeance.

I'm hoping this week will be awesome. The boy have today off for MLK day, but we will get through it like we always do. Happy Monday! 







Tuna Sandwiches

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