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It's always fun to see what other people see in your creation. I found an amazing artist on Instagram and asked if they would draw a piece for me. It is amazing and I can't wait for you to see it.

The amazing artist is Ktpursuits and you can find her on Instagram by clicking on her name. The photo is of Hunter and Seeker from the second book in the series. I love the contrast between both the characters. Hunter is short and has long brown hair and seeker is tall with short dark hair and a scar on his right cheek. This photo is epic and I love it so much. 

Being an author has been such an amazing journey. Meeting new people and sharing my stories wit them. This is what I love. This life of creating. It's what I've dreamed about since I was young and now its what I do. 

To all the aspiring authors out there, keep pushing. Keep writing and sharing. This could be you one day, sharing art about something that you created. 

This has been another episode of Author Land. Sarai, signing off...  

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