Bruschetta, Greek, Philly | #WeeklyMenu Week #224

Welcome back! Its Thanksgiving break and the kids are already driving me nuts. Its only been a few hours, so this week is going to be wild. We have a full schedule of school conferences, cooking, baking and family. Holiday season is upon us!

I did some writing this week, but the most important break through in my writing was a new concept for the third book in my Hunter Saga. I think I know how I want to go with it. I'm thinking time travel, but that's another post all together. 

Enjoy this weeks menu. I've also put my Thanksgiving menu on the list as well, just in case you need some suggestions.   




- Thanksgiving!
     - Turkey
     - Lemon Cake
     - Stuffing
     - Mashed Potatoes
     - Cranberry Sauce
     - Mac and Cheese
     - Gravy



Tuna Sandwiches

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