Weekly Confessions #7 | A Plague, a Drum and Cactus Socks

First off, lets start off with a... Hello there!

The drums of Autumn are right around the corner and with it the plague has arrived. It happens every year. I use all my vacation time at work staying home with sick kids. At least I had a good book to read and some quiet time with the boys sleeping. Now, on to this weeks confessions.

I think I read too many books this week... If that's even a thing... On Mondays, while I'm working around the house, I like to pick off some of the shorter books on my TBR pile. So, this week I devoured The Spiderwick Field Guide, The Tales of Beedle the Bard and I Give you my Body, which taught me many words for my private parts and got me thinking about the real meaning of "Fanny Pack." I don't think it means what we think it means. It was a strange Monday...

Anyway, checked some books off my TBR list. A Murder in Time, which was just strange and not my kind of book. I didn't even finish Black City because it was so bad. Drums of Autumn... Sigh, Jamie, and Fracture which I totally read by accident. I had another book with the same name that I was supposed to review and I grabbed the wrong e-book from the list. I was wondering why the story didn't match up with the rest of the series. Surprisingly, the one that I read was excellent.

Reviews this week blew my mind. Sometimes, I dig through my review books and most of them are just king of blah, but I have to read them anyway and give my opinion even though I choked on the words trying to get them down. This week was nothing like that. One of the awesome authors I've been blessed to review in the past sent me an advanced copy of her new book Forgotten. I was glad to
reconnect with Sienna and her crazy world.

Another book that I've been dying to read and was lucky enough to get a chance to review was a book by Carrie Fisher called The Princess Diarist. Oh boy, was this one fun. Ms. Fisher has a great sense of humor and dives into her affair with Harrison Ford during the shooting of Star Wars. You have to heck this one out.

Last but not least is... FRACTURE! The one that I actually meant to read. I'm
still in the middle of reading it, but its by another author that I've been blessed to connect with. Just a heads up. So far... It's awesome.

Enough with books, whats next.

I have to confess, it's been a long week. The boys came down with the plague, and in their usual fashion, they couldn't all get sick all at once. It started with the oldest, two days later, the medium boy was out for the count and then the next day, baby boy is practically in a fever coma. He made me hold him for four hours straight while he slept. When he finally woke up I was sweaty and my back hurt. Poor boys. I think we are finally on our way to getting well.

Maybe if we were all well again I could work out some more and lose more weight. I'm already proud with the 11 pounds that I've dropped in the last 10 weeks, but I'm still not down to my goal weight. 9 more pounds to go.

Well, I'd like to say that my writing has taken great leaps toward becoming a book, but sadly, there just wasn't time this week.

I am working on creating a character cafe where I post short stories from my characters perspective and invite other authors to join in, but that's still in the concept stage. I'm also looking for illustrations of my characters to use in promotions. So if you are an artist or know one that is willing to trade and e-book for a picture, let me know.

I know this is your favorite part of the post. A recap of what I shared this last week. Here we go...

Ok, that's all that I have to confess this week. Until next time, I will leave you with this gif...

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