#WeeklyMenu Week 200

Happy Monday! So much has happened this week I don't know if I'll be able to fit it all in this post.

I attended my first book fair last Saturday. Sat next to two amazing authors who have been doing this for a while. They gave me some really great insight into the world of book fairs. I learned so much. Sold three books (according to the author next to me, that's really good for a fair like that). Threw some candy across the room to another author and made some new fans. It was a great experience and I can't wait to attend another one.

In other writing news. I received my first edits from my publisher this weekend for SEEKER, the sequel to HUNTER. I can't wait to dive into them. Along with the edits, I also received the Editors Choice badge. I'm super excited about that. I feel like I learned a lot from my first book, but the second book I was really able to spread my wings and create something that people will want to read more. I took into consideration all the reviews Hunter received and all the critiques my about my writing style and moved forward. I can't wait to share Seeker with all of you.

Enjoy this weeks menu! 








Tuna Sandwiches

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