#WeeklyMenu Week 176

What a crazy week! We had snow on Wednesday that still hasn't melted. It shut down the whole metro area. People were stuck in traffic for five to six hours, just to get home that night. Fortunately for me, I live close to work and it only took my about fifteen minutes. You could say I was one of the lucky ones.

The kids had school of Thursday and Friday so we are now officially on winter break. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them for the next two weeks.

Because of the snow Saturday, I wasn't able to get the boys to my in-laws, so I decided to take them to work with me. They lasted the whole four hours we were open. I was extremely thrilled and proud of them for hanging on so long.

We took and adventure on Sunday to purchase a new dryer. Our 11 year old one finally gave up the ghost and wouldn't turn on any longer. The new one, you can actually pair with your phone, not that I have figured out how to do that yet. I probably wouldn't even use that feature, but that's still so cool.

Enjoy this weeks menu and stay warm out there!







- Tuna Sandwiches

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