#WeeklyMenu Week 175

It has been a crazy week. It all started on Tuesda when my husband was supposed to take my mom, aunt, youngest son and two nephews to the mountain for some fun in the snow. I got a call while I was at work, that their car broke down at Mount Hood Village and they needed me to come get them. So I drove a two and a half hour round trip to rescue them. Turns out, my Suzuki has a bad aultornator and will be out of commision for a little while.

In the mean time, I get to drive a friends Porsche Cayenne that seems to want to kill me anytime I put it on the road. I don't understand what all the beeping is and what all the buttons do. The back window wipers wont turn off and I turned the heated seats soo far up, they burned my ass. I just can't win.

To top it all off, the weather was extrodinary this week. First snow of the season. It wasn't much, but the boys got to play with their uncle and went sledding. Our power didn't go out, which is a plus, because so many people were struggling to keep warm the last few days, and I made great progress on the sequel to my book.

I guess I can't complain. We survived and that's what matters. On to bigger and getter things. Enjoy this weeks menu!







- Tuna Sandwiches

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