Zombie Uprising #Playlist and #BlogTour by William Burke

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Madame Lavonia Dawes, who bears the lofty title Prime Minister of the Republic Of Fantomas but is more commonly called - that over the hill swimsuit model turned tin plated dictator of a backwater Caribbean nation

lavonia website shotI consider her a villainous woman who’s national policies and personal greed has led to the world’s first zombie outbreak – but that’s just my opinion. She took a break from oppressing civil rights to compile her personal music playlist. It explains a lot about her character.

MS LAVONIA DAWES - Recently there’s been some stuff written about me by some scribbling little twerp claiming to be an author. Well, here's a new word you can add to your sad little vocabulary Mister Burke– LIBEL. And you know what the worst part is? I’m not even the main character in his slanderous book… as if readers are going to find Maggie what’s-her-name more enticing than me!

I only consented to be part of this playlist fiasco to keep you innocent readers from being led astray by a clearly biased author. Plus I felt the need to class this website up a little.

I’m accustomed to envious, mudslinging people calling me things like manipulative, cruel, calculating, and of course my new favorite, regicidal. HA! Burke is already fumbling for his dictionary to look that one up. Do you want to know the truth? I’m exactly what you think I am. I do whatever I want, whenever I want and if you get in my way… too bad for you. Do I sound evil? Let’s be honest ladies, if you could be me for even one day you’d jump at the chance… because being me is awesome.

So here's a tune all us gals should take to heart. And as for that alleged author, consider this song’s title a warning.

THE WALKER BROTHERS: Deadlier than the Male!

Now when you hear the words sultry, alluring and mysterious only one woman comes to mind… me. But running a close second is my favorite Cat Woman (honest, look it up) the late, great Eartha Kitt. Here are two of her songs that pretty much define me.

EARTHA KITT - I want to be Evil

EARTHA KITT- Champagne Taste

And check this out if you want to add a little country twang to your swagger.

PISTOL ANNIES – Hell On Heels.

Nobody really appreciates how hard it is being me, but Lily Allen pretty much captures the essence of my personal struggle.

LILY ALLEN – Hard Out Here.

And I’ll wrap it up with a classic song that teaches a lesson I learned way back; when it comes to relationships there’s only one thing you can trust.

SHIRLEY BASSEY- Diamonds Are Forever


Zombie Uprising
Voodoo Child
Book One
William Burke

Genre: Horror/paranormal with Action/adventure

Publisher: William Burke

Date of Publication: June 17th 2016


Number of pages: 333
Word Count: 96,000

Cover Artist: Deranged Doctor

Book Description:

The forces of darkness are out to destroy mankind… Too bad they never reckoned on facing Maggie Child!

Army chopper pilot Maggie Child has a reputation for being fearless, professional and, above all, rational. But when she's shot down over Iraq her well-ordered life spirals into a paranormal nightmare. Alone, wounded and surrounded by hostile forces, Maggie is rescued from certain death by a demon straight out of Dante's Inferno. Then, barely alive, she's abducted by a private military corporation conducting insidious medical experiments. Her escape from their covert hellhole lands her on a Caribbean island where an evil voodoo spirit and a psychotic female dictator are conspiring to unleash an apocalyptic zombie plague. Then she uncovers the most terrifying secret of all—her own destiny. It seems a Voodoo oracle has ordained her the only warrior capable of saving humanity from a supernatural Armageddon … whether she wants the job or not!

But saving the world isn't a one-woman job, so she teams up with a trio of unlikely heroes—a conspiracy obsessed marijuana smuggler, a Voodoo priestess with an appetite for reality television, and a burnt out ex-mercenary. Together, they'll take on an army of the walking dead, with the fate of humanity resting in their eccentric hands.

Voodoo Child, Book One: Zombie Uprising is the first novel in a new horror series packed with supernatural thrills, rousing adventure, dark humor, Voodoo lore and plenty of zombie stomping action. But a word of warning; don't shoot these zombies in the head … because that just makes them mad!

It's the legions of hell versus Maggie Child … and hell doesn't have a prayer!

About the Author:

After two years of ghostwriting, William Burke has released his first novel VOODOO CHILD, Book One: Zombie Uprising. It's the first installment of a new horror series chronicling the exploits of Maggie Child and her Voodoo priestess partner Sarafina as they battle to save the island of Fantomas from the wrath of evil Voodoo spirits.

The author was raised on a diet of late night creature features, comic books, Mad magazines and horror stories. As a result every volume will be packed with eccentric characters, dark humor, chills, zombies, ghosts, monsters, military hardware and plenty of stuff blowing up.

Prior to writing Voodoo Child he was the creator and director of the Destination America television series Hauntings and Horrors. He has also written scripts for two Cinemax television series, Forbidden Science and Lingerie, which he also produced. He has also written magazine pieces for Fangoria and the Phantom of the Movies Videoscope among others. 

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