#WeeklyMenu Week: 159

We're back from vacation! I can't believe all the things we take for granted at home, like a comfy couch and bed. A bathtub and the cool AC.

We went to the Oregon Coast, not to escape the heat, but to escape the people and go figure, it was the hottest weekend of the summer and the place was packed. To make things worse, there was no AC where we stayed and all we had was a small fan to move the stifling air around. It was miserable on Friday. Thankfully, Saturday and Sunday cooled down to a wonderful 65 degrees and it even rained Sunday morning. 

The boys had a blast and we even discovered some new eats that I will definitely be adding to my Cannon Beach Visitors Guide shortly.

Enjoy this weeks normal menu! 







- Lunch - Tuna Sandwiches
- Pizza

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