Book Review ~ A shade of Vampire

So, I got roped into purchasing one of those book advertised on Facebook for $.99. They claimed that it was a close rival to Twilight and all though I liked Twilight well enough, I didn't think there could be a book out there that wasn't a complete copy cat. I was hoping for something original. Let me tell you, there is nothing original anymore when it comes to books about vampires. They all seem to be the same.

This purchase was for a novella, not even a full length book, but it had potential from the moment I picked it up. I had to look past the corny awkward love story, but once the main character got involved with the vampire clan I wanted to know how she got out of the whole situation she was in.

I read the book in two days and then purchased the second one which I didn't like as much. I set it down and didn't pick it up for a few months when I was out of things to read. I am now reading the third book and I have a feeling they are all going to get a little worse as the series goes along, but maybe that's just me.

The one point that I can't get over about the book, is the main vampire guy was supposed to be in a sleep for like three hundred years, or something like that. He wakes up from his long nap with a vocabulary like a teenager today. Half the things he says, I've heard come out of my eight year old's mouth. You would expect a man that is supposed to be four hundred years old to talk weird, but not this guy. He is well versed in 21st century lingo.

The end of the second book has a good twist that I'm not going to give away, and the Shade where the vampires live is really interesting and amazingly well thought up. I can definitely see paying the $.99 for the novella and if you like how this author puts word on paper, apparently there are twenty seven books you can read.

I would give this book a 3 out of 5 stars.

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