Menu: Week 136

Just when I thought spring was here, a bitter cold has blown in from the coast. The wind and rain has taken back over and its almost as if we've been sent back to into fall.

I wonder if the weather is the reason why the kids have been so sick and now I'm fighting off a cold? The boys have come to realize that mama can't talk anymore and they wont be yelled at for acting out. Shame on them.

Life does go on, even when mama is sick. Here is the menu for the week. Hopefully I can get the post up about the roman shades we made for the boys room.

- Pesto meatball panini

Onion Scallion Beef

Cheesy taco skillet

Stuffed pepper soup

- Loaded chicken taco salad

- Oven fried chicken and potatos

- Tuna sandwiches

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