Bathroom Makeover

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. My husband and I didn't have any plans and the kids were playing quietly in their room. I had some things I wanted to do to the bathroom and I knew I needed my husbands help to get them done. First on my list was corner shelves over the sink to give me more room for my hair and makeup products.

Little did I know that my husband would go all out and finish all the projects I had been planning on doing to the bathroom in one afternoon.


After. Notice the shelves in the corner and the jewelry hanger on the left side.

This was the project I had planed on doing on Sunday. Just the shelves for all my things.
Then, I got this. A razor holder which I hadn't planned on doing. My husband actually came up with this design on his own, but its really awesome.
I got a jewelry holder to display my pretties. (or more so I remember I have them.)
And last, I got this really amazing toothbrush holder that matches with the rest of our natural wood decor in the bathroom.
All these things were made from reclaimed wood in our back yard and if you have a drill, some screws, a saw and some wood glue. You can make them yourself. Good luck and keep on DIYing.

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