Menu: Week 128

We had a great weekend full of lots of things to do around the house and lots of fun with family.

My husband decided to install a new toilet. Of course the minute he took the old one out, the boys needed to go to the bathroom. I warned them, but they never listen. I spent my morning running them down the street to their Grandparents house to relieve them selves. Boys I tell you.

We also went hunting for the new Adele CD and I couldn't find it anywhere. I guess I will be forced to purchase it from Amazon and wait three days for it to arrive. sigh...

I hope you enjoy this weeks menu. My eldest son helped pick out some of the meals because he's been helping me cook. I'm glad for the easy recipes and the break from cooking. Enjoy!

- English muffin Pizzas

Broccoli stir fry

Stuffed pepper soup

- Swedish Meatballs

- Nachos

- Breakfast

- Tuna Sandwiches

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