Menu: Week 110

It's strange to think that life can change in the blink of an eye. Yesterday started out like any other Saturday, but by noon it had been flipped on its head and we faced uncertainty.

I got a call from my brother while I was at work. I didn't answer but I figured if it was important he would leave a message. There was no message. Fifteen minutes later my mother called. She never calls when I'm at work unless its an emergency. This time I answered.

With sirens blaring in the back ground I learned that my Dad was having a heart attack and he was on his way to the hospital.

It was unreal. My father has always been strong and he's still so young. This couldn't be happening.

Many things were going through my head at that moment, but there was always one thing that I could rely on in moments like that, my faith. I know I don't get religious on my blog often, but in moments of uncertainty whether you are religious or not a prayer sent up to heaven never goes unheard.

My Dad will be ok. He will need time to rest and recover, but I truly believe that all the prayers sent his way gave everyone the strength to get through this tough time.

I hope you all hug your loved ones a little closer this week and please enjoy a meal around the table as you reflect on your day. Enjoy this weeks menu. I know I will.

- Cajun Chicken Alfredo

- Nachos

- Chicken Tacos

- Blue cheese burgers

- Tortellini and chicken skillet

- Chicken and broccoli stir fry

- Pizza

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