Menu: Week 105

This weeks menu is brought to you by the lovely Oregon Coast. My family and I take a trip every August to the beach, where we spend several days of playing in the surf, washing sand from between our toes and eating dinner in the cool coastal air.

Not only do I get to watch my boys have the time of their lives but the inspiration that I feel when the waves break on the shore is more than enough to make any writer put pen to paper. On top of the writing I want to get done, There are a few books I've been dying to read. One is from my favorite author Garth Nix. It's the newest addition to my favorite series called Clariel. The other book is by my second favorite author Maggie Stiefvater, Scorpio Races. In my life its either read or write and as of late, writing has been my mane focus. Hopefully I can sneak away for a few hours over the next week to relax and get some reading done.

So, the menu this week is going to be really simple since we will be out of town most the time and don't want to pack a bunch of ingredients in the cooler. It's not big enough, lol.

- Pizza

- Baked French dip sandwiches

- Mo's at Cannon Beach

- Baked Ravioli

- Garlic bread pizza

- Ham and swiss croissants

- Skillet lasagna

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