Menu: Week 97

My husband set up a trap cam in our back yard to see what kind of wild life came through our backyard when we weren't around. It was surprising what we saw. There were a multitude of cats in various colors and shapes. A opossum. A whole family of raccoons and this beautiful coyote that sniffed around for a while. On top of all the animals that ventured through the yard, there were numerous photos of my kids playing in front of the camera. I guess its a good way to keep my eyes on them.

Here is this weeks menu. There is a lot of stuff from last week since our shopping trip got all messed up and I wasn't able to go when I needed to. Enjoy!
- Hamburger hash brown casserole

- Blue cheese burgers

- Chicken tortellini skillet

- French toast

- Spaghetti

- Cajun chicken Caesar salad

- Fathers day BBQ

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