Menu: Week 50

Happy Fathers Day! We had a great Sunday planed with my dad and then a BBQ with my husbands family, but of course, good o'l Oregon rained on us. We didn't get to go on a hike to see the Souvies Island lighthouse and we didn't get to BBQ either.
It wasn't all a bust though. Played a few games of Banangrams with my mom and sisters (I lost every game due to my horrible spelling) and had flank steak and home made fries with my in-laws.
Now we have to go back to the real world today. Well, maybe you do. I get one more day off with my boys. Happy Monday everyone!!!

- Spaghetti Squash Pizza

- Hot roast beef sandwich

- Sausage and cheese tortellini

- Buffalo chicken quesadillas

- Chipotle chicken tacos

- Corn and cheese chowder

- Dinner with the In-laws

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