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Writers voice submission - The Last Artican

Supper excited for you all to be joining me on my blog. Please, leave a comment :)
Dear super duper coaches,

I would like to offer up my novel The Last Artican, a YA fantasy complete at 94,000 words. It's a stand alone novel with series potential and it will appeal to fans of Garth Nix’s SABRIEL and Mercedes Lacky’s BRIGHTLY BURNING.

The ancient blood of the founding master races flows through Tabor’s veins. Power. Magic. A death sentence.

In the south, the Dominion hunts down anyone with the blood of the ancients and on her nineteenth birthday, they find Tabor. Captured by the murderous Dominion leader, Lord Farenan, Tabor and her pure magic are all he needs to claim true power in the world. He will use her magic to find her people, a people who have not been seen in a century, and enslave them.

Unwilling to be used, Tabor escapes and places her trust in her new caretaker who promises to aid her in finding her people, in finding a way to be free. Tabor quickly finds that her new ally has his own agenda and he uses Tabor’s trusting heart to get what he wants, his sisters freedom.

Betrayed and recaptured, Tabor is taken to the heart of Winter Land and forced to search out her ancestors or suffer the consequences, death. Her people hold the secrets to her safety and the training to harness the greatest power seen in centuries, but Farenan seeks to make Tabor their destruction.

I’ve been a member of the Long Ridge Writers Group since 2005 and have written biographies for several web pages. I have been published in the New Authors Journal and twice in the Voice of Fellowship. I have also self published on a healthy living book called “An easy diet for a crazy life.”

Thank you for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

First 250 words

I had been staring at the crack in the ceiling over my bed for hours now. I watched as the moon light visited my window casting a sullen shadow across the room, and I waited as the white glow was replaced by the early morning twilight. Dawn had finally come.

I hadn’t slept most of the night because of the dream. I could still hear the haunting sound of my mother’s last screams as I laid freezing in a bed of snow. A baby left for dead. The sounds kept me awake more often than not these days and the visions only became worse. I ran my hands through my sweat soaked hair. Make them stop!
My thoughts were interrupted by the bell in the tower. I dreaded that sound. It meant that I would have to live one more day hiding who I was and where I came from. I guess it was better than the nightmares I faced when I slept, but I didn’t know how much better it was.
As the bell chimed again calling to me to get out of bed, I remembered what this day meant. It was my nineteenth birthday. It would mark one year that my magic refused to emerge. One year that I was a misfit between normal and Artican. I was beginning to doubt my origins.
Maybe I wasn’t who I thought I was all along. Maybe this master blood that was supposed to be running through my veins was a myth. 


  1. Deep fantasy, great start! Good luck in the contest!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Garth Nix's Sabriel books, and really like the voice in this. Good luck :-)

    1. Thanks. I've read almost all the Garth Nix books, they are some of my all time favorite books.


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