Date Night #4 - Spain

So, I had planed this wonderful night with the hubby where we were going to take our imaginary trip to Spain, eat Spanish food and watch a wonderfully Spanish movie, but life has a great way of getting in the way.

I was preparing to make dinner and getting my two eldest boys in the bath. Unbeknownst to me, the big boys had left the front door open and little man decided it was his time to escape. He took his walker right out the front door and down the steps. Unfortunately he landed on his face. :(

He scratched up his nose and forehead and gave himself a nice knot on his forehead as well. He scared me so bad I took him to the ER, just to make sure he didn't have a concussion. Turns out, he was just fine.

So, as for my date night. Hubby was good enough to make dinner and wait up till we got home. Then we watched a lighthearted move, the delivery man. Let me just say, FUNNY!

If you want to have a great night in Spain, try this.
Spanish Paella for dinner
Churros for desert
The movie Puss in Boots
And a cuddle on the couch

Stay tuned for our next adventure. My husband has requested spa night. He wants a pedicure. :) 

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