Date night #3 - France

Imagine that we have left Italy, the place of romantic water ways and rolling Tuscan hills and we are now traveling by train through the country of France. We stop off in Paris for dinner and a movie.

"What shall we have?" You ask your husband.

"No clue," He replies.

You find the first restaurant you see that has a great view of the Eiffel Tower and take a seat. Nothing on the menu looks familiar, cause its all in French but you have Google translator :). You manage to decipher some kind of tuna fish sandwich. You think, why not.

 The sandwich is like nothing you have ever had before. Its covered in olives, cucumbers, red onion and Brie cheese. It's drizzled in a vinaigrette with a little hint of red wine. It's finger licking good.

As you sit and watch the sun set behind the Eiffel Tower you wish you could never leave. So why not take this experience home and have a great date night while the kids are tucked soundly in their own beds?

My husband and I had a nice relaxing night of wonderful food and a fun movie. It had been a long frustrating day with the kids. I think they might be deaf. It's either that or their ears don't work anymore. After this long day of yelling till my throat was raw, I was glad to just sit down, put my feet up and do nothing for the next two hours. I didn't have to worry about little hands putting things in little mouths that didn't belong there. I didn't have to tell anyone to stop running in the house. All I had to do was... Nothing. :)

After we had the best tuna sandwich I had ever tasted (Didn't know tuna could be sooo good, you can get the recipe here) We sat down with a glass of mango hard cider and watched a movie set in France, The Three Musketeers. Love this movie. It had been several years since I last saw it, so it was like a whole new adventure to me. Too bad they didn't make a sequel.

So, the next time you need a date night and don't want to find a baby sitter. Sit down to a little night in Paris and enjoy yourselves.

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