Artican Chapter 9

The hall on the upper floor was dark, only illuminated by a single lamp that sat on a table in the middle of the hall. Noise from the bar below carried up the stairs. I could still hear every word that was being said, none of it was appropriate for such ears as mine. Maybe this was the way of men? Maybe this was how they released their primal needs. No, I didn't believe that. This was just another show of the world gone wrong, men fighting men for the sake of a brawl. It was not as it was intended when the world was created, but it was how the world was now. Arsan put the key into the door lock to our room and turned it. It squeaked and popped the door open. I stepped inside, glad to be away from the world of corrupt men. Arsan closed the door quickly behind us, shutting off the sounds from below. It was quiet.

The room was small but warm. Flames climbed up the fire place walls spilling warmth onto the floor and throughout the room. My body longed for the bed that was made up with a heavy down blanket and a soft looking pillow, but the bath tub that was full of steaming hot water sitting on the floor near the fire called to me more. I didn't care at that point about the noise that quietly seeped up through the seams in the floor boards. All I wanted was to rest my weary bones.

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