Artican Chapter 24

“Jump, Tabor jump!” Nell’s voice echoed around me as she fazed quickly in and out of human form. I didn't hesitate. I moved my legs as fast as I could toward the edge of the fissure, planted my foot on the edge, and launched myself into the blackness of the underworld.

I was terrified. Wind whipped passed my ears, defining me from the intense sound. I was on my belly, falling into nothingness, waiting for the Underworld to claim me. When it did, I was not prepared for the change. My body shuddered and in an instant I felt my heart stop beating. I took my last gasping breath and gave over to death. The feeling was uncomfortable, to say the least. Being dead, it was like my body was being filled with mud. Every muscle was stiffening and tired. I fought the feeling to sleep as I feel. 

91718 / 94000 words. 98% done!

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