Artican Chapter 21

The sun was creeping towards the horizon, casting shadows of the mountains across the land. It was colder here in the shade, especially with the wind wiping up all around us. It blew at our backs, toward the looming peaks in the distance. Ice from the ground swirled in the gusts, biting at our faces and making it hard to see. This was not where I had expected to find my people, but then again, I hadn't expected to find them at all.
            There was a familiarity about this place though. I had been here before. Yes, I recognized it from my dream, but there had to have been another time too. Sometime long ago, maybe when I was a child? Those memories came and went, and were usually just fragments of a time long gone, nothing ever concrete or stable.

            The wind gusted again, howling around my ears. It was so loud I couldn't even hear my own thoughts. This open land had to end. It seemed like the mountains slid further and further away with every push of the wind. It felt like we were going nowhere. 

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