Artican Chapter 19

I reached out and burned a vine, pushing with all my might to plunge through the hole it left behind, too gain a little more ground. As I did the wall of brambles in front of me gave way and I fell into an open area, a path through the thicket. It stretched out to both sides disappearing around a corner twenty feet away on each end. Which way would lead us out, if it lead anywhere at all?
The hellhound crashed closer behind us, howling, reminding us it was near. The putrid smell was becoming overwhelming. I had to pull my cotton shirt up over my mouth to try and stifle the sent. It was of little help with the beast so close.

My magic pulsed, my head snapped over my shoulder. There it was, in the tunnel behind us, only yards away. The hellhound, its red eyes glowing in the darkness were all I could see. It stood there, watching us, not moving. I stared back in horror, waiting for something, a twitch, a movement, something to tell me what to do, which way to go. Then it sprang forward, streaking towards us. Its black matted fur catching what little light was there. The hell hound was coming for us. We were out of time.

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