Artican Chapter 14

Arsan was out there in the forest somewhere. Had he escaped from Farenan’s grasp? Or was he lying dead in the cold snow somewhere, his body rotting, being picked apart by scavengers. I could only hope that he was still alive, watching, waiting nearby to save me. He was my only chance now to survive.
I wondered if he would take Ruan with us. If he would see her as I did and trust her. I guess time would only tell, if he was still alive, that is.

I found myself wondering through the encampment. No one minded that we were there. They let us walk past them without even a word. I wandered aimlessly through the crowds, not paying attention to my path till I came across the horses. They were all well groomed, bread well, loyal. One stood out to me in particular, a chestnut mare with long golden brown hair. She turned her head and nuzzled me as I came close. I liked the look of her and reached out to stroke her mane. 

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