up side down baby

There are some times as a parent when you wish you could get a camera before you save your child from their precarious situation.

Like today. Ronan was playing with his big brother on my bed while I was folding laundry. He took a tumble of my side of the bed.

All I could see was feet flailing around which i shouldn't see because the bed is really tall. I then realize that I didn't hear the notorious thud that is associated with a head first fall of a bed.

So I went around the side of the bed to find Ronan with his large noggin stuck in the garbage can. "Help me mommy! Help!"

That there was the point where I had to decide to get my camera to take a picture and let my child suffer or save him, again, from his impending doom.

My better judgement won over and I picked him up and put him back on the bed, but it was such a close call, it could have gone both ways.

I really wish I had a picture, but since I don't, take this picture of this cat and pretend it as a 2 year old with his head in a garbage can.

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