Mockingjay book review

Ok, so even though I complained about book one and the way the author was lazy and then went on to read book two and complained about how I thought it was a set up for the next book, I still went on to read book three, Mockingjay because my sister promised me that the books were real good and if I just had an open mind and I wasn't so old I would love them like she did. She was wrong.

I tried to keep an open mind, but with so much senseless killing of new characters and old characters that I found myself actually starting to get attached too, it was hard for me to even finish this book.

I was kind of apposed to the whole concept of killing children for sport in the beginning anyway, but this last book brought the whole meaning of innocent murder to life. This is not a children's book or a young adult book. Its gory and sad, but if you like that stuff then go for it, plus she totally ruined the love story between Peeta and Katniss which was the only reason I wanted to keep reading.

I guess I am too old to read a book about murdering children. Why didn't someone tell me this earlier so I wouldn't have wasted my time and brain space with these horrible images that are now ingrained in my mind. My next book, I have a feeling is going to be a happy go lucky love story where no one dies. I don't think I can handle anything more.

So, If you want a really slow read about Murdering children then pick up this monstrosity.

I would like to reiterate that this is my opinion and if you loved the books I won't judge you (Lindsey,) but I would like to hear what you liked about the book if you put aside the gruesome war story.

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