To pee or not to pee

That really is the question, isn't it. Anyone who's ever gone on a long road trip has had to pee or been in the car with some one who has to pee while in the middle of no where. If you're a guy, that's all fine and dandy, but for us women, we need a seat.
The first restroom we stopped at in the middle of the mountains was a single room with no light and no toilet seat. It was just a hole in the ground. I quickly passed on it, and I guess the look on my face scared the little old lady in the Prius that pulled up next to our car. Sorry Lady, but it wasn't happening.
 The second bathroom we found a few miles up the road was a little more promising, but sadly still had no lights and it was a hole in the ground. But it had a seat.
two stalls, hurray!

The first look.

That's my "are you kidding me" look

Favorite part!

I guess it all comes down to if you really have to go or not. By this point I really had to go. Ah, car trips. Aren't they fun?

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