I wanted these pillows so bad

I've been doing a lot of planing about how I wan't my bedroom to look. It is one of the last rooms in our house that we haven't done anything to until now. We just painted to walls an apricot color and the trim a deep chocolate. It makes the wood paneling on the other walls more bearable since I haven't been convinced that painting them would make them look better. So I was surfing Pinterest one day when I came across these awesome pillow cases that would look great in my bedroom and just screamed "ME."
I've never made pillow cases before but they didn't look to hard so I deemed this my newest project and off I went.

I wanted to make pillow shams so they wouldn't be open on the side like the picture above, but I couldn't find a tutorial for them so I was stuck with a normal pillow case. But finding a tutorial for that was hard too. I finally found a simple one that didn't have a weird seem or flowers on them.
Of course I didn't make them with the flower garnish because I hate flowers, especially in my bedroom, but the pattern was perfect. 
So I went to the fabric store on my lunch break from work (Its a great thing I work only a block away) and picked up a green cotton fabric and a cream cotton fabric, a yard each.
I then cut the fabric into 71/2 inch by 36 inch strips.There were six of each and it used all my fabric so there was non left over. 
I sewed the strips together to make stripes. and then followed the pillow pattern above. If you would like to see it click here.
After I had sewn two striped pillow cases I then needed to write on them. I purchased a fabric marker and used stencils I already had laying around. I got the idea from here,
This is a really cool idea and was really easy to do. Make sure you set the marker by running a hot iron over it before you wash it, or the marker will wash out.
So here is my finished product.

I can't wait to finish the other one and see how they look with the rest of my bedding.
Have fun!

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