No officer, I didn't strangle my child...

To all you parents out there, have you ever had one of those moments where you're thinking to yourself, who's child are you? I had one of those moments today, and I knew better then to bring my 16 month old to a wedding, but I didn't want to leave him with my mom all day. Usually Ronan is the good one and Phoenix is the one crying and caring on. This is how it all went down.
Things started off great, the kids were smiling, being cute, everyone was like "Oh how precious," and then it happened... Devil Ronan... Or as we like to call it around our house Nanor.
He poked his little horns out and screamed like a banshee as the brides maids were walking down the isle. I was quickly ushered out by some crotchety old ladies who hid me and my obnoxious children in the nursery where there was no view of the ceremony or sound to even hear it. 
So here I was sitting in the nursery fuming at the mouth and giving my younger son the evil eye when I made a frantic call to my mother. 911, 911, pimp down!!! She came and got them within 10 minutes, which is pretty fast driving for my mother, but by that time the entire thing was over.
Lets just say I was less then pleased with my children.
Even though, I got to be that parent for less then and hour, I kept having to remind myself to breath, he's only 16 months old and he doesn't mean it. 
Once I got over my anger, I saw this picture and my heart melted. (ignore the look on Phoenix's face and pretend its angelic) 

I love these to boys with all my heart and I would give up anything for them... Even a good friends wedding.

Here are some highlights from my interesting excursion. 
My little man, he was so good.

The monster preparing to attack 

Still being good

Found this thing in the nursery, its a double decker baby cage. You actually pull down the bars and lock them in. I was tempted to use it on Ronan. The things you find in a church.

Erin had a touching speech about being a twin. I was fine till she started crying.

The happy bride Julie and her new hubby John

I drank it!...but now I feel sick... not on my meal plan.

This is why I don't drink sparkling cider.

Looking damn sexy in my new dress. Would have looked much nicer if I had a man on my arm.

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