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Book Blitz w/ #giveaway: Ice Crypt by Tiana Warner @tianawarner

Excerpt from:
Ice Crypt

Chapter One – The Massacre Committee

Hanging from the crooked branch of a maple tree wasn’t that glamorous—not what
my people would expect from an honoured Massacre survivor. Legs swinging to try
and get a foothold, strands of hair clinging to my face, I heaved myself onto the next

This would have been easier if I’d had the use of both hands.

Out of breath and halfway up, I paused, deciding how best to continue. The tree had
forked and my legs were splayed, one foot against each trunk. In my fist, the owlet
gave a feeble hoot.

I glared at him. He could hardly be called cute, with his sparse white fluff and
oversized feet.

“Your family reunion better be worth all of this,” I said.

I pushed off one trunk and wrapped my limbs around the other, then shimmied
higher until I was level with the nest.

Two owlets peered back at me, identical to the one in my fist.

“Gaawhist,” I said. Home, sweet home.

I placed my rescue next to his siblings, where he toppled sideways and blinked a few
times. I poked him to make sure I hadn’t squeezed him too tightly. He ruffled himself
and settled in.

Maybe I couldn’t help everyone survive, but I could, at least, save this one life.
I just hoped the mother would return soon.

I leaned against the trunk and caught my breath, my thoughts turning back to what
I’d come here for. I inhaled slowly, letting the sweet scent of maple buds calm me.
From this height, the wooden, mossy cabin below seemed less imposing. I could see
how these grounds might have once been used for camping—back when seaside
camping was not a life-threatening activity. Now, this cabin was one of many
classrooms at the Safe Training Base. Once a place to connect with wilderness, now
a place to learn the best way to slaughter a sea demon.

Book & Author Details:

Ice Crypt by Tiana Warner
(Mermaids of Eriana Kwai, #2)
Publication date: July 25th 2016
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult


From award-winning author Tiana Warner comes the sequel to Ice Massacre, the #1 Amazon Kindle Best Seller.
Meela has just returned from the Massacre—the annual attempt to wipe out the mermaids threatening her people’s survival. After forming an unlikely connection with Lysi, a mermaid she was trained to kill, Meela is determined to stop the war between humans and merpeople for good. She knows of a legendary weapon that could bring peace if she uses it against King Adaro, ruler of the Pacific Ocean. But her people have plans for future Massacres and refuse to help her uncover it.
While Meela works in secret to unearth the Host of Eriana, Lysi is held captive under Adaro’s tyranny. Sent to the battlefront, Lysi joins forces with a band of rebels that could either bring her freedom—or have her executed for treason.
Separated by the vast Pacific Ocean, Meela and Lysi must find a way to defeat King Adaro and end the war that has been keeping them apart.


Ice Massacre, Book 1 in the series, is on sale for 99c until July 31sthttps://www.amazon.com/Massacre-Mermaids-Eriana-Kwai-Book-ebook/dp/B00NHCF4CM?ie=UTF8&ref_=asap_bc

#1 AMAZON KINDLE BESTSELLING AUTHOR Tiana Warner was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her horse, Bailey, and collecting tea cups.

Author links:

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Ice Crypt by Tiana Warner

Ice Crypt

by Tiana Warner

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at Goodreads.
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Book Blitz w/ #giveaway: Vampire Creed by Rain Grey

Blaine Rice

Red stood at the window of his office, looking out onto the courtyard located in the front of the headquarters, his golden council robe hung off his shoulders, that red aura that always hurt my eyes surrounding his entire body. While I sat in the chair opposite of his desk, he stayed there for at least five minutes. I didn't know for certain since I didn't dare look down to check my watch to enrage him even further. After another fruitless night, I just wanted to go back home to Wendy.

"While capturing these… these things is a great job, are you any closer to finding the one who has created them?" Even though his voice was quiet, the power of it seemed to fill the large room.
"Yes and no. I've learned more about the whole case in the last couple of nights, but not much about the leader, especially since he hasn't shown up in my visions since early yesterday night." I stuck with the truth for the simple fact I knew Red already knew the answer.

I had given him a full report yesterday and about an hour ago over the phone. It was after the phone call today he told me to come in. Now that I was here, I realized it was probably so he could rant at me for not having the job done already, but there was more going on than we had first assumed.

"Barnaby, I needed this ended yesterday. While the body count has dropped significantly, the problem won't be solved until the one responsible is captured." He turned to faced me, finally. His red rimmed, brown eyes drilling into my body as if he wanted me dead for not having completed the task already.

"All due respect, sir," I began, trying to keep any hint of my annoyance with him out of my tone, "You gave me seventy-two hours to complete the mission. I still have another twenty hours left until the deadline."

Red glanced away from me and began to pace the space behind his desk. As usual, his hands were clasped behind his back as he walked. "And can you deliver me my guy within that amount of time?”
I definitely hoped so. The only thing keeping me going on this mission was the fact that it was somehow related to Wendy. I still had yet to place the exact connection, but I knew Red hadn't been just simply using her to get me to take the job. As long as I could find the creature that got away from tonight, I was positive she would lead me to the right person.

"Follow down to the lab. There is something I wish to show you."

Book & Author Details:

Vampire Creed by Rain Grey
Publication date: May 21st 2016
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Barnaby Blaine Rice was a Vampire born in the depression with a very special power to see who people truly were. After a long, empty existence of witnessing the darkest points of humanity, Blaine happens to encounter a beautiful married woman named Mary Slate. Unable to handle his love for the beautiful human, Blaine accidentally kills another Vampire over her and is put under a serious debt with the Vampire Council.
Blaine reluctantly forces himself to forget the woman and allows her to live her life without his intervention. It wasn’t until 50-years-later that the distant memories of the captivating Mary are brought back to the surface. Blaine has the pleasure to encounter the young Wendy Slate, granddaughter of Mary Slate after a criminal vampire keeps her hostage. Blaine got there in time to stop the criminal, but not to stop the beginning of Wendy’s transition into Vampirism.
As he was forced to sire her into this new world, he discovers that Wendy is the most amazing person he’d ever met. Wendy has to make a life-altering decision as Blaine has to deal with his blooming feelings for a woman who was identical to his first love. This modern love story introduces the most influential turning point of these lover’s lives.

Book is currently FREE on all retailers!

#WeeklyMenu - Week 155

This weekend we had a lot of fun celebrating my youngest son's third birthday. We had an ice cream feast with fun in the bounce house. The weather was amazing. A little warm, but amazing and we were surrounded by family and friends. My favorite. 

The book is doing great. After dropping a little bit, it jumped right back up to the 300's, which blow my mind still. Out of all the Fantasy and Supernatural books on Amazon, its still that high. It also got an amazing review from the YA Book Divas. Make sure you check it out. And if you want to be super helpful and have already read my book, please leave me a review on Amazon, and Goodreads. 

Enjoy this weeks menu!

- Lunch - Zuchinni Muffins






- Lunch - Coffee Cake
- Tuna Sandwiches

Playlist for HUNTER

Just in case you missed it, here is the playlist for HUNTER. Enjoy!

  1.  The head and the heart – Another Story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyn9kmuIwqA
  2. Home – Marc Broussard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuWPseegaKw
  3. Hey Brother – Avicii https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cp6mKbRTQY
  4. See you again – Charlie Puth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLbG1HmfBIk  or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgKAFK5djSk
  5. Numb – Linkin Park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXYiU_JCYtU
  6. Collide – Howie Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca9ub9rpNK4
  7. Wake me up – Boyce Avenue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e9xn9i7PNI
  8. Balled of a prodigal son – Lincoln Durham https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OVZjqhRkqw
  9. Sleep Song – BASTILLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cuR_Vi6vas
  10. Air – Shawn Mendes  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq1nqrvpNms
  11. Animal – XOV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-LMbaE6reM
  12. Immortals – Fall out Boy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9PxOanFjxQ
  13. Centuries – Fall out Boy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBr7kECsjcQ
  14. Yellow Flicker Beat – Lorde https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PdILZ_1P74
  15. Lovely – Sara Haze https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV37rYyLeJU
  16. Hello – Adele  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQHsXMglC9A
  17. Skyfall – Adele  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeumyOzKqgI

Garlic Basil Chicken

I'm always looking for new ways to prepare my chicken and this recipe happens to be a great alternative to regular spaghetti. My boys loved it, my husband loved it and I loved it. It was a hit all around for my family. Check it out.

1 lb. Chicken breast
Salt and Pepper
1/4 Cup olive oil
5-6 Roma tomatoes or one can diced tomatoes
3 Cloves garlic
1 Handful fresh Basil
1/4 Butter
8 Ounce spaghetti pasta

1. Pound out chicken by placing it in plastic wrap, making sure it is an even thickness all over.
2. Remove plastic wrap and sprinkle the salt and pepper over both sides.
3. Prepare your pasta according to the package.
4. Heat oil over medium heat in a frying pay. Cook the chicken for several minutes on each side, making sure it's cooked through. Remove chicken from the heat and set aside.
5. Add the tomatoes to the pan and simmer until they are a sauce like mixture, then add the garlic and butter. Stir until butter is melted.
6. Add chicken back to the pan to soak in the sauce for a few minutes.
7. Serve over pasta with a hint of basil on top.

July Movie Reviews - Part 2 #MovieReviews

I have some amazing movies to share with you this week. One isn't even on DVD yet, but its very rare that my husband and I get to have a date night away from home. I loved the movie, so I thought I would share it with you.

Ghostbusters (2016) - I think a lot of people decided to judge this movie by its predecessor before they even saw it. No, it is not the original, but it is still hilarious and amazing. They turned an epic 80's franchise into something for the new millennia.  can't even tell you how much I enjoyed this movie. It made me laugh the whole time. Although, I was a little skeptical about the ending, but I don't want to give anything away. 

Kate McKinnon who plays Holtzman is my kind of girl. At one point she dances while she does her evil genius thing. There are some blow torches involved. I turned to my husband and told him that was me at work. What an awesome character.

Melissa McCarthy is also wonderful. She looks amazing and is the glue of the cast. 

I'm totally gong to give this movie a 4.75 out of 5 because the ending is a little hokey.

The Age of Adaline (2015) - Every once and a while you need a good chick flick. This movie was an epic ladies night movie that I laughed and cried over.

I really loved how Adaline's mortality is explained, instead of just saying its some kind of fluke but no one knows why. I also love how she acts and conducts herself. She is an amazing woman.

Make sure to check out the trailer here if you haven't already.

This movie will get a 5 out of 5 stars from me because I loved everything about it.

Inside Man (2006) - I know this movie is a little bit older, but if you want to watch an epic bank heist, then you have to watch this film.

The bank robbers devise a plan to hold up a bank in the heart of New York City, but they aren't out for money. They stay one step ahead of the police and their escape plan is out of this world.

To watch the trailer, follow this link.

This movie gets a 5 out of 5 for epic bank robbing and escape.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012) - So, I seriously thought this movie was about baseball and that is why it took me so long to watch it. Guess what? Its not. 

The two crazy characters in this movie have a lot of mental problems, but they really complement each other. One finds his wife cheating with a co-worker and the other loses her husband and goes sex crazy. For some odd reason they bond with each other and then decide to enter a dance competition. I know, crazy right? You will love it.

The greatest part about this whole movie is how the characters talk to one another. Its raw and unfiltered. They don't hold anything back and that's why its so amazing.

Here is the trailer.

I'm going to give this movie a 5 out of 5 because I loved the dancing part. Can you say EPIC!

Make sure you come back soon for more movie reviews and if you have a film you think I would like, comment below. 

#WeeklyMenu - Week 154

There is nothing better than having a quiet car ride home after a long day at work. Except I was on the way to the store to pick up some groceries, but who needs to eat? Love these munchkins.

I have been blessed this last week with the amazing response to my book release and the start of my new position at work. Its a blast and I feel like I'm already part of the team.

Enjoy this weeks menu!






- Sloppy joe's 

- Tuna sandwiches

The Midnight Trail - Part Nine #Writing

I know I missed last weeks episode, but with the holiday and the release of my book, I didn't have time to post. I hope you forgive me. Here is part nine.

Part Nine –

I don’t think it was the darkness that scared me the most. It was most likely the unknown thing that was hunting me through the woods. I walked as fast as I could along the trail, but with only the headlamp for light and the occasional beam of moon light that shown through the tree canopy overhead, it was still slow going.

Branches broke in the underbrush up on the hill to my left. What ever it was that was out there, it was getting closer and I was still a long way from the trail head and civilization.

The sled bounced along the uneven terrain, but Chris stayed tied to the poles. If I tried to go any faster, he might fall out and then we would be a sitting duck on the trail as I tried to get his lifeless body back in the sled.

The crashing in the underbrush came closer. It was maybe a hundred feet away. A loud growl echoed down the trail sending a shiver through my body. My breathing became shallow as I stopped moving to listen to the forest. It was close. Its guttural breathing and scraping of claws were easily heard over its stomping through the woods.

It had to be a bear. There was nothing else big enough in this forest to make such a racket. Unless it was Bigfoot coming to call on me. Maybe he would help me carry Chris to the trail head? My mind was working a mile a minute, thinking of things that shouldn’t be so I wouldn’t run in fright, leaving Chris to his fate. I hadn’t worked so hard to save him, only to leave him to be eaten by a bear.

“Alright, Jarrod.” I called to the image of my dead brother to help me think clearly. “I’m not equipped to fight a bear.”

You don’t have to.” Jarrod’s voice was distant but clear. “You just need to scare it.”

I huffed. “How?”

Remember when we ere kids, and dad took us on a camping trip out by the coast? That night when we were sleeping in our tent, we woke to the sound of a bear sniffing around the camp fire.”

I remembered. The dim glow from the coals cast a shadow across the tent that was larger than the bear itself. “I remember how I was so scared I wanted to cry.”

Jarrod’s voice chuckled. “Do you remember how dad got rid of the bear?”

How could I forget? “He ran from the tent in his long-johns yelling and waving his arms. He even picked up a stick and started beating on a frying pan.”

The memory made me smile.

Don’t be a cry baby, Shelby.”

Jarrod’s voice faded into the night, leaving me alone again with the bear coming closer. Snapping back to reality, I set Chris and the sled down carefully and picked up the first stick I could find by the side of the trail and began beating it against a stocky tree trunk. Its deep sound echoed through the forest along side my voice as I yelled. “You’re not going to get me today bear. Not today.”

Eyes shown in the darkness up the hill from me. It wasn’t moving, but I could still hear its deep breathing. I rapped on the tree trunk again and screamed as loud as I could. Words seemed to fail me, but my voice didn’t. The bear hesitated, stepping forward then back, unsure of what to do.

I kept on my wild dance and screaming, unaware that the animal was leaving, bewildered by my ranting. In the distance I heard my voice being called again. Jarrod must have come back to talk sense into me. “Shelby.”

“Jarrod, we did it.” I called back to my brother, but he didn’t answer. Something was different about the forest. He wasn’t answering.

Shelby.” My name was called again, this time closer. I spun around on the trail to watch where the voice was coming from, expecting to see Jarrod walking toward me. It wasn’t him. Lights bounced in the distance, coming toward us in the dark. Three, maybe four lights illuminating the trail in front of unseen feet.

“Who’s there?” I called out, shading my eyes from the oncoming light.

“Are you Shelby?” It was a man’s voice. He was nearly to me. I could almost make out the shape of him now.

I shook my head, beginning to realize that there were people on the trail looking for me. “Yes.”

The man came to my side. He had a warm smile on his face. He explained that when a lost soul takes their first hike on the Midnight Trail, a small group of the hiking community wait at the trail head to welcome them home when they emerge from the forest.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Tears streamed down my cheeks as a warm blanket was wrapped around my shoulders. I listened in a daze as the man who identified himself as Greg continued with his story. “When you didn’t show up at the trail head by nightfall, we called 911 and came looking for you.”

I walked out of the forest that night with a new sense of self. I wasn’t afraid anymore. Afraid of the unknown. Afraid of losing someone, and for some reason I was able to finally forgive myself for Jarrod’s accident. He wasn’t truly gone. I knew that now. He would forever live on the Midnight Trail.

Thank you for joining Shelby and I on this journey of forgiveness. I hope you come back again in the future for another story.

July Movies

My husband and I did some movie watching the last few weeks. We saw some good and some bad movies, but we will get to that...

Bachelorette (2012) - I only watched this movie because it had Rebel Wilson in it, but it turns out her part was small compared to the rest of the cast.

The movie is about four friends and one of them is getting married. The other three throw her a bachelorette party and they get drunk and rip the wedding dress. The whole movie they are trying to fix the dress and they get into lots of trouble.

If you want to watch the trailer, check it out here.

Everyone in this movie is messed up and its pretty funny. I would give this movie 3 out of 5 stars for terrible friends and lack of Rebel Wilson.

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) - This movie messed with my brain. At first I thought it was about one thing, then half way through the movie I thought it was about another thing, then at the end it was a completely different thing. I guess that's a sign of a good movie right?

If you like suspense thrillers and underground bunkers, you will like this movie, but if you don't like crazy twisted endings then don't bother watching. I felt like my mind was blown at the end. I'm not going to spoil it for you, your just going to have to watch it.

Check out the trailer here.

I'm going to give this crazy move 4 out of 5 stars because I still don't know what I was watching. The end was that twisted.

London (2005) - When I mentioned that I watched a really bad move, I left out the part where I watched half of it before I skipped randomly forward to see if it got any better and unfortunately it didn't look like it.

This movie is about a guy who goes over to his ex-girl friend's, best friend's house and does drugs in her bathroom the whole movie, and I mean the whole movie. They never leave the bathroom. They talked about random stuff and it seemed like there was no plot at all. I couldn't finish it, which is sad because it has Chris Evans and Jason Sathem in it. To amazing actors.

If you want to watch the trailer, go here, but seriously, don't bother.

This movie gets a 1 out of 5 stars only because of the actors in it, other wise I would have given it a big fat zero!

How to be Single (2016) - If you need a good crack up, this movie is it. Rebel Wilson is totally awesome and says the most crazy things. The women in this show are pretty messed up but how could you not be when you're single in New York.

The movie is about three women who are going through singledom in a different way. One is living it up, one is newly single and doesn't know how to handle it, one loves to be single but finds herself in a relationship, and one is trying way to hard to find a man and no one wants her. Its an epic ladies night movie that I watched with my husband, poor guy.

Here is the trailer.

I'm going to give this movie a 5 out of 5 because I laughed the whole movie and I love Rebel Wilson.

Rocket Science (2007) - This movie peeked my interest because the main character has a stutter that is somewhat similar to the one my oldest son struggles with.

Its about a boy who joins a debate team to impress a girl but s held back because of his speech impairment. By the end of the movie he shows everyone that they were wrong about him.

It has a young Anna Kendrick in it, who plays the love interest turned complete B-word. Check out the trailer here.

I'm going to give this movie a 3 out of 5 stars for over coming fears and the realty of high school.

Here are some July movies for you to enjoy... Or not. If you have a movie you think I will like, emphasis on the "like," then please send me an email or comment bellow.

Menu: Week 153

I finally had a few hours this weekend to work on some photo editing. I have over 1200 photos to go through, but I'm excited to work on them because they are of a wonderful bride and a woman that I consider my sister. She was married on the 4th of July.

On another note. I missed part nine of the Midnight Trail last Friday because of the holiday and my book release. I was a little busy. I even had a hard time getting my menu out on time. Here's to another week.









- Tuna sandwiches

HUNTER - Now available for purchase

It's an exciting day! I now get to officially call myself an author, something that I've been dreaming of since I was a kid. My first book HUNTER was released yesterday for purchase. You can buy it right now for Kindle on Amazon or from my publisher's webpage Evernight Teen. You will be able to pick up a paperback copy soon.

Thanks to all of you for being so supportive.


  • Sixteen-year-old Hunter belongs to the Telepathic Alliance for the Latent or Newly manifested, otherwise known as Talon, a bounty hunter community known for their ruthless tactics. Her latest mission in San Diego was supposed to be a piece of cake, but when the job takes a treacherous and deadly turn, not even her telepathic abilities could have warned her of the dangers lurking around the corner. 

    There is only one place for Hunter to go, and that is straight into the hands of the government and their Psychic Intelligence Team, but even the “normal” world isn’t safe. With each passing hour throwing her deeper into the game of life and death, Hunter must decide who to trust before this mission becomes her last.

Menu: Week 152

I know the menu is really late, but it was the 4th of July and I had more important things to do. Like photograph my baby sisters wedding. I have 1200 photos to sort through and edit. It was an amazing day.

Also, in other good news. I can't stop sharing the coer art for my novel. It will be released this friday the 8th and as soon as I know the where you can purchase, I will share.

Enjoy this weeks half menu.

- What ever Amy wants

- Chicken and Spanish Rice

- Cheese Burgers

- Nachos


- Tuna Sandwiches

The Midnight Trail - Part Eight

Part Eight

Even though the sun was now down behind the tree line, sweat beaded at my temples and ran down my back. The weight from the full sled pulled on my arms. Every rock on the ground jarred the wooden poles and radiated up my arms. I was beginning to lose the feeling in my fingers, but I had to go on. It only strengthened my resolve.

The trail along the water bank took a sharp turn and headed up a slight incline. I stopped at the bottom, looking up the twenty or so feet that I had to pull my unconscious ward up. “You’ve got to be kidding me?”

The light was nearly gone and the path up the hill was narrow. The right side of the trail dropped away sharply as the left side met a wall of hard dirt and debris on the other side. There would be no room for error. If for some reason one of the poles of the sled slipped off the side of the trail, Chris would fall into the swift moving river and I would be unable to save him.

“Ok. I can do this. I can do this.” I spoke to myself, but it didn’t help my nerves from taking me over. My arms shook as I took the first steps up the hill, pulling with all my strength on the sled. “You need to lose some weight, Chris. This would be so much easier if you were one hundred and fifty pounds lighter.”

My breath came in heavy puffs and my injured leg threatened to give out. Rocks crumbled away from the weight of the sled on the edge of the trail. I didn’t want to look back, fearing that if I stopped moving up the hill for even a split second, my momentum would be lost and I wouldn’t be able to pull it the rest of the way up the hill.

Step by step we ascended, the light all but gone by the time my feet touched the sold trail at the top of the incline. I carefully set the sled down in the dirt and dropped to my knees and rolled onto my back to catch my breath. Even in the dim light I recognized The Midnight Trail. It was twice as wide as the sled and smooth enough to pull it easily. I couldn’t help but laugh from the joy of finding my way back to something familiar.

I swung my backpack off my back and pulled a bottle of water from the inside, taking a large swig of the cool liquid. There was still a long way back to the parking area, but at least I knew where I was. Stuffing the bottle back inside my pack, I rummaged around the bottom for the head mounted flashlight that I had taken from Chris’s pack. Placing it snugly over my head, I turned on the light to illuminate the trail.

It was bright in the nearly dark world around me. The trail was clear as it cut through the night like a beacon of hope. “Well, buddy. It’s going to be a long night. We should probably get going.”

I spoke to Chris like he could speak back to me, but it was the only thing keeping me from freaking out in the silence of the forest. Lifting the poles back up to my waist, I set off again into the night, but I didn’t make ten steps before the quiet was pierced with a long howl off in the distance. My heart began to race and my hands were shaking as I listened. The howl was followed by a growl that was closer. Something was out there and I didn’t know what it was.

What is in the forest and do you think it’s coming for Shelby and Chris? Make sure you come back next week to find out if our characters will survive The Midnight Trail.