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Lazy Sunday afternoon.....

Ok, first blog of the year. Why did I wait so long you might ask? I have no idea. Just saying. Its been a long hard January. We ran out of fire wood to heat the house right as the "Big winter storm," came blowing in. Woke up one morning to the house being 57 degrees. I don't like taking a shower when I can see my breath, not cool, lol pun intended. But thanks to my wonderful father in law, we have a working furnace again and warm toes to boot.
Ronan and Phoenix were really excited to see snow, although it wasn't much at our house we ventured out in the weather and found a nice load at grandmees.

 I hoped it would stick around and I wouldn't have to go to work day after day, but my wishes never came true.

In other news, we had a lazy Sunday and got a wild hair up our ass and made some cookies that would trump our idea of naming our next son Harry (get it? Harry Henderson. lol) I know, i'm a nerd. We made Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. I had one and they …